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I think I'm the only one who thinks Children of Men was merely an intelligent action film rather than this amazing movie.

I was bored to tears. I like dark. I like dreary. I love future Clockwork Orange-1984-Brave New World type of films. This did nothing for me.

...nothing happened. It was mostly running away from people and a wonderful performance by Michael Caine.

Dreamgirls was dissapointing as well. It was "eh". A biopic like Walk the Line and Ray, both of which I thought were "eh" as well. Jennifer Hudson was only really good during AIATY and the rest she was fine...not great. Eddie Murphy was also good...but I don't really see how he was much different than many of his other films.

If any performance should be awarded it should really go to Anika Noni Rose.

Pan's Labrinth was really quite wonderful. Probably wouldn't make my top 10 list of all time, but really quite lovely, imaginative and beautiful, even if violent. I haven't seen Little Miss Sunshine, The Departed and Iwo Jima yet, but I think if they had filmed this puppy in English it could have had a good shot at best picture. I think it will win best foreign film.
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